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Inspired Writing 11-21-15

A Letter to the Fear and Negativity All Around:

Oh dear fear and negativity,
I no longer choose to banish you and rid you from my life. Instead, I choose to embrace you so I may understand why you are there in the first place. Oh negativity…..I choose to love you. You have given me the sacred gift of contrast thus allowing me to see the choices I can and do make both consciously and unconsciously. Oh fear and negativity…..no one – no God – no angels are coming down to “save” me from you. You are simply a choice that I have learned to make. I love and respect you for the purpose you serve and choose to dialog with you every time you show up at my door. I understand you are simply part of the buffet of life’s selections. Some selections sweet and some bitter. All is well and what a gift it is to have a choice.

Inspired Writing 11-12-15

Blessings to the Love of all
For with it one can never fall
From the heights on pinions fly
To and fro with joy on high
Tis the love through all the ages
That releases those imprisoned in cages
Of societies old tyrannies that we all carry
To some degree in our bodies to marry
With the wholeness that fills hearts of all races
Can we release the clinging to past sages
And from this new day be open to our own wise praises
Which connect us all who have stepped into infinite mazes
Of creative adventures waiting in the gazes of our imagination run wild

Inspired Writing 10-29-15

Grateful hearts rewarded
Through time and space recorded

No matter what presents in blunder
Is an opportunity for wonder

This world teaches through contrast
So that we can learn to broadcast

That which rings true in being
An open vessel in seeing

Life’s grand adventures for feasting
Touch at the soul of each heart beating

Leaving all experiences as loving teachers
To explore the universe at our fingers

Inspired Writing 10-27-15

Holograms of old pain reflecting in the atmosphere of this physical body.
Location in time and space unknown.
Feelings of insecurity boiling up from past places of humanity
Show up in this body as though one with everything
That I have known and not known
Everything that goes back hundreds of years before this physical time
Why is it still hanging on?
How can I love and embrace humanities sorries as experienced through me?

Today I choose to feel deep
Beyond the shadows of intellectual stimulation
Into the cavern of facing fears unknown
False evidences reflected in the daily grind
Which hold me prisoner from seeing the joy of my light and life

Today I choose to stare into the cataclysm of humanity
Knowing that I may not understand all its reasons
For being so harsh and afraid

Today I choose to look into the face of fear
Knowing that I get to choose to live it out or create a blazing trail of light through its darkness
My light calls me to the surface of its inevitable glory
No more chasing shadows but facing shadows and blazing through with the strength from galaxies unknown.

Today is a day to face that which weighs this spirit down
Look it straight into its eyes
Decide through what lense I see
The lense of lack and powerlessness?
The lense of empowerment and choice?

Maybe that thing that weighs this spirit down that lurks in the shadows of this experience
Is nothing but the greatest gift from the One
Could it be that fear is nothing more than the Creator’s way of reminding
That its not in whats out there but whats in here that makes the final experience real
Maybe its what is inside that is the only place that can create authentic life experiences
And the rest is but an illusion played out through a distorted lense

I choose the laser lense of life
The lense that can see through the fog and to what is and as it is
The lense that distorts not and clarifies the situation at had
From this lense nothing can allude.
It distorts not around fear but focuses in with clarity.
All is but love and a gift from All That Is.