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9 Important Points for Living a Life that Runs “Soul” Deep

red flower

I just recently spent a day talking to beautiful souls from various walks of life. I always love these days where I get to relay messages and insights that come through the veil and unfold during our time together. There are always common threads that evolve during a day and on this day in particular there was one that was quite powerful. This one person whom I will call Nancy for this story was having trouble with over analyzing her life down to the nitty gritty. Something I can relate to and I bet many of you can from your own life experiences. She wanted help to resolve reoccurring issues and experiences with abandonment, shame, and punishment that had led her to a place in her life where her body was not a safe place to live in. Nancy had parental figures in her life that had reinforced the belief that anytime she wanted to do something just for the pleasure and for the fun of it that she was a “bad” girl and had to stop immediately. She has done a lot of spiritual growth over the years to release these old traumas in her life, and is now at a phase of learning to feel again. She has a strong mental awareness of needing to forgive herself in particular, but just hasn’t been able as of yet to get past the anger and resentment that is causing obsessive thoughts. My heart went out for her on such a deep level and I found myself so grateful to be in her presence. Not only to help her heal and grow, but to help me see even more clearly how I have had similar threads in my own life and what I have done and continue to do to enjoy my physical life and embrace the feeling world and gifts of this human focal point and dimension. I find that often times the beautiful souls that come and share space with me are typically growing in places that I have spent a lot of time and healing on and I can help share practical ways to heal, grow, and evolve. This day was no exception as this as well as the other clients of the day had lead me to see so clearly how much our society in general is starved for loving connection with their soul. From that place each one can learn to feel safe to love deeply and feel unbridled and limitless pleasure, desire, and connection. I am not talking about mental love or devouring things in addiction to fill some void, but full-embodied love where you love just to love and enjoy pleasure just because we were given the gift of being able to feel pleasure in such a dense and yummy vibration and level on this earth plane. This is the kind of love that starts at the core of learning to love your entire being/self and your own life first. This is the kind of love that is not about consumption or quantity, but about the quality and devotion to the experience of the moment.

So what does it feel like and how do you get to that place of loving yourself? Well on this day the release came to the surface when the topic of pleasure surfaced. Tears welled up in Nancy at the thought that it was actually safe to feel pleasure that was related to her own desires and worth. As she had experienced in her life to this point, pleasure was only related to giving and taking care of people outside of her. This is definitely a way to experience love, but the well can run dry very quick until we learn how to start by filling and utilizing our own creative wells and appreciating the life creating desire that boils up within us. So many turn off their own faucets of desire due to not feeling worthy or that their gifts are not good enough. Another reason for shutting down that I have experienced myself and seen with others is that there has to be some purpose to play and enjoy life other than just for the pleasure of it. Many also don’t even really know themselves beyond how they have learned to please others. Do you relate to any of these concepts? All of these thoughts have definitely been and continue to be part of my spiritual growth and journey and always so grateful to give and receive insights on how to love and enjoy life more freely.

I have learned in my life that, outward giving can only really go so far until we learn to give and experience pleasure and intimacy with our own selves. Maybe you are a parent and have given your whole life to raising your children and now finding that its time to embark on the journey of what you now desire to create at this juncture. Or maybe you are a highly sensitive person who has taken on the burden of pleasing everyone else but following what your heart really desires for your own joy. I am a firm believer that what blesses one persons heart has a big way of blessing everyone involved in the long run no matter what old patterns may come up for review in the process of change. Remember as the flight attendants say…always put your own mask on first. Be tied into your soul first then you will not only be more helpful to others, but you will be a role model for living “soul” deep.

In my years of working with people and diving deeper into my own self I have seen first hand how much of society is seeking approval or attention versus for just the experience of sharing. This tends to foster unhealthy relationships with attachments of fear and self-doubt. How do you entertain your own self and feel totally and completely emerged in the deliciousness of the moment? Finding this out for your self is where pleasure begins to run “soul” deep. I am not talking about how to solve/fix the outer world (most of us are doing this all the time in our daily lives), but just about being in your own creative zone. Learning to love my own self/being and honoring my own desires enough without needing approval from the outside world has been a huge part of my journey so far. Yes we all need each other, but our old paradigms and patterns of need and support must evolve in order for us to be free to be our highest self. We need each other to love, share, and support each other’s soul inspired visions. Divine unconditional love is freedom based not attachment and burden based. Loving one another is not about carrying a burden it is about setting each other free. And by setting each other free we become one in being open hearted and without unhealthy attachments.   The time is now for each of us to live our own soul streams of creative consciousness and action, but it all starts by going within and embracing our light and ourselves first.

So how do you feel and live “soul” deep? I believe that we live and experience pleasure “soul” deep by listening to our inner rhythms. Each and every one of us has soul rhythms and repetitive thoughts to try new experiences and let go of old patterns that don’t serve us any longer. In the rhythms and currents of our soul lies the small and gentle voice of the inner child that desires to play and experience joy and wonder. When we don’t listen we tend to experience the angry child syndrome, which flares up feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, depression, anxiety and anger. All it really takes is a commitment to do things differently. Here are several ways that I have found in my life that continue to help me live and create a life that runs “soul” deep.

  1. Acknowledge repetitive desires, thoughts, and ideas. I find that sometimes the best thing is to create time to write your thoughts down in a journal and or make a vision board/journal that creates a space where you begin to see and take steps to act and appreciate your goals, dreams, and desires.
  1. Remember that after you spend time dreaming about a vision/idea it is important to acknowledge that dreams don’t happen over night. We are in the physical world and it takes time to build and grow. Savor each and every step of your project in daily size moment-to-moment delicious bites.
  1. Take time to enjoy every taste, texture, color, smell, touch and experience in your life. We live in these multi-sensory bodies to enjoy the full spectrum of their potential. When we hurry and rush to accomplish things we miss out on most all of the enjoyment this experience offers. You can create on the other side, but this human experience is where you get to have your hands in the dirt of creation. Embrace it now!
  1. Allow yourself to try new experiences. You don’t have to do it again if its not your thing, but you will never know if you don’t try and experience it. Your perspective could be belief based until you step in and try it. A whole new world may unfold by trying something you “thought” you didn’t like or weren’t good at.
  1. Understand that contrast and duality is how we learn to hone our lives. We learn by experiencing life. When you find yourself not liking a certain method or way after trying it we get to hone and create a better way. We transcend duality when we learn to embrace all experiences in our life as loving teachers and guidance.
  1. Allow life to be messy and dirty. I am not talking about not having order, however, if you are obsessive about order than letting things go every now and then can be a good thing. As humans, we are only perfect in our imperfection. Remember to allow yourself to color outside the belief based lines in your life.
  1. Do something creative/artistic so that you can actually learn about yourself more and find where your creative talents are. EVERYONE is creative WITHOUT exception it is the nature of the soul. Here are some ideas to play with, however if you feel like you need to take a class to help and/or give yourself permission to play then sign up for a class in the area that sparks your interest the most. What have you wanted to play with? What did you want to do as a child that you haven’t experienced yet? If you don’t know then pick one and try it and keep going down the list: Painting, drawing, sculpture, crafting, scrap booking, floral art, playing an instrument, writing, singing, acting, dancing, design, photography, scrap booking, decorating, house wares, performance art, cooking, videography, landscaping/plants, sports, coloring etc. This list goes on and on to wherever you desire to play. Just try it for your own soul and experience the journey of living “soul” deep.
  1. Remember that you will meet fellow “soul” deep adventures (your soul tribe) as you go out and live your very own “soul” deep adventure. Enjoy!!!
  1. Celebrate your successes and achievements. Celebration is gratitude in action and a manifestation magnet.

I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, and experiences.

Numerology for 2016 and How to Calculate your Personal Year with Scope for Each


numbersHere is a copy from my January 2016 News & Inspiration Letter for those that didn’t get a chance to read it. This explains the numerology of 2016 which is an overall 9. Reading this will set the tone before getting to the personal year calculations and scopes.

Excerpt from the January Newsletter:

Many of you have probably already noted that we have moved into a 9 year 2+0+1+6=9.  This represents the overall energy of the collective vibration in our current time/space for this year-cycle and what it offers to us.  We also transitioned from the 5 component of 2015 which was about massive change and redirection in our daily lives (I personally don’t know anyone that was not affected by this energy last year) to a 6 component energy which is about the heart and material evidence of new things starting to come into form and manifestation following the new directions are lives are taking and building upon.  This 6 component energy of this year also supports and encourages each of us to nurture ourselves with the emphasis on the physical part of our lives.  I also like to think/feel of the 6 energy as that of the heart and moving from the heart.  This is powerful when looked at with the overall year number of 9.  The 9 is a humanitarian number and is also one that can be powerfully focused and is powerfully focusing as well.  When the 9 is around the question(s) that comes to mind is “How can I be of service?  -or- How can I serve a purpose?  -or- How can I give?  This energy is asking each and every one of us this year how you can serve a higher purpose and calling in your life that helps to create peace on the planet that starts from within first.  With the 6 nurturing energy it is also about how can we come together in community and create anew from the heart.  Each one of us has our own unique gifts to bring to the collective.  Each of you are in your own personal year and have your own chart which can illustrate more deeply where you are at in your personal cycles and how this collective cycle is or may be influencing you to let your gifts come into awareness and move out into being of service for the greater good which ultimately helps everyone.  The 1 energy in 2016 demands that we be in our power and in our own truth.  We are in a collective 10 year cycle of taking our power back and remembering to start with ourselves and self-healing/nurturing first.  When we love ourselves first then we can bring that love to others.  Please dear ones…continue to release anything in your lives that is draining or creating lack based situations in your life.  This is the time to claim love in all areas.  We create love on the planet by anchoring it into each of our lives. The 2 in 2016 demands in a grand sense that we are in the age of cultivating faith again which is a 1000 year cycle of learning how to live in faith as a collective and move towards loving collaboration.  The 0 is a 100 year cycle of coming back to source as a collective.  This is a great year to continue moving your life into this now moment and focus on what you can BE (feminine energy) / DO (masculine energy) right from this present moment.  Moving out from inspired thought through the heart space.   The 1 energy of the month of January also supports all of this by focusing us to rally behind our own higher self and the energies that are supporting us now.

New part of article starts here:

Calculating your Personal Year Cycle and How it relates to the current collective 9 year cycle that we are in for 2016.

Your life path number is one of the most important numbers in your numerology chart and describes your dominant grand theme about how you approach life and what is important in it. We are not going to focus on this right now, but I will come back later in another article (it will add even more detail and focus). My intention for this article is to locate where your personal year cycle is and how it is influenced by the collective year cycle. This can help you gain clarity on where focusing your energies may best suit you this year. For example, a 1 personal year person is at a fresh start and cycle so they may want to approach their year a little different then one that is in a personal year of an 8 which is a year of harvesting and reaping abundance from their last major 9 year cycle. A 1 year cycle person may be exploring a new aspect of their life and starting new in some aspect while an 8th personal year you may be incredibly focused and in a steady rhythm as you have matured in particular lessons and experiences of your life that you have focused in.

To calculate your current year cycle you will add your Birth Month and Birth Day to the Current Year. Here is an example for February 10, 2016: 2+1+0+2+0+1+6 = 12 = 1+2 = 3 (3 happens to be my personal year). So calculate your personal year and then you will be able to go to the scope below to see how your personal cycle relates to the collective cycle.

NOTE: if you read one of these scopes and you think I am not anywhere near where it suggests. You are probably in your head about where you are or what you are doing and not seeing the positive aspects of how far you have come.  It is also possible that you are not seeing your cycle clearly. The purpose of this is to help you learn to even better focus and align your energies with the cycle you are in. This can help in particular those that tend to be 10 steps ahead of themselves (like myself) or those that may be 10 steps behind where they actually are. Reviewing my numerology personal cycles has helped me to focus on where I am actually at versus where I (ego & expectations) think I should be. A powerful tool for us thinkers and feelers wherever you are on the spectrum. Also, there are many…. many cycles operating in our lives all at the same time. These scopes are focused on your personal year and how it relates to the collective year.

For those of you that have a personal year that mirrors the collective year (or if your life path number mirrors a collective and/or personal year) get ready for some magic. It is like a magical vortex of alignment. For example last year was an 8 collective year which aligned with my 8 life path. This energy rapidly got me back in an outward manifestation of abundance with my life and back out into my passion of helping others. It was just so natural and automatic after taking a couple years of break. Literally every dream that I had intention to do before my break I started immediately last year.   So cool.

1 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 1 will be spending some time discovering yourself in a new cycle and how you can be a blessing to yourself and others. What are your gifts and how can you use them for a higher purpose? This is a fresh start to some aspect of your life. It may manifest as a new career or idea, but whatever it is you are assured to be focusing on how your life can be a blessing. All possibilities are wide open. Make sure to take time for yourself to explore and stand in your own truth. Cultivating some level of independence may be a priority so that you can align with your personal integrity and higher self. Courage to explore without knowing all the answers or having a totally clear direction is key here. What is for the highest good for you will be for the highest good for all. A Shadow aspect and growth opportunity that may arise is the urge to control things. This is a negative trait when you are not operating in integrity with self. Take time to check in with you.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 1 personal year cycle: Where do I want to explore in my life?)

2 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 2 will be taking some leap(s) of faith in particular with how you can be of service or actualize your freshly evolving gifts and perspective. This will be a year of initiating new partnership(s) with yourself and others that are helping you take your life to a more expanded level. It is time to try things out and take a leap. If something doesn’t work out than that is great as it will be a teacher for you and help you get even clearer about that new aspect / direction in your life. A shadow aspect that may pop up is the need to cling to one idea/situation right now instead of exploring options. This could stem from not feeling worthy or good enough. Just go for it and see how things unfold.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 2 personal year cycle: Where am I going to take a leap of faith in my life? …..Then go for it! There is no such thing as failure only learning. )

3 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 3 will be fully in the mode of creating some aspect of their life that creates in a bigger purpose and aligns with their higher self. The joy in creating will somehow touch a bigger picture in their life or collective audience or purpose. This is a year to focus on light heartedness and be in joy of building and creating your life and/or some aspect of it. This is a year where you will likely magnetize into your life others that want to create with what you are building in your life and have a common vision or interests. A shadow aspect of self that may surface is the need to overanalyze and think. This may be linked to not feeling safe or trusting that all ideas bring their supply and unfold one step at a time.   You will never feel the flow until you let go and experience it.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 3 personal year cycle: What am I going to create, play and have fun in next? Note: The what is fun and how it is fun to you will be more explained by other aspects of a chart. )

4 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 4 is building a stronger foundation(s) in their life. Purpose, job, passions, relationships, and endeavors are all getting stronger and more focused. Things that are not helping you get stronger will come up to be released and fall away. A question or questions that may arise is how is my life helping in a cause or bringing more peace, joy, or helping others? What can I teach? What can I learn? You may be inspired to take or teach classes to continue to build yourself and your life. Whatever it may be, serving a bigger purpose will be a common energetic part/thread of your life right now (bigger purpose will look different to everyone). A shadow aspect of self that may come up in the 4 cycle is the urge to try and fix people and situations instead of offering help (being a martyr or savior). This could also take an opposite perspective where you need/desire someone to take care of you. Remember if this happens you may not be taking care of your own self, out of balance, or not following your heart.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 4 personal year cycle: How can I build a stronger foundation and deepen the experiences in my life? )

5 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 5 year is the middle of the road. This is the year of changing gears from one state to another. You already have a foundation now it is time to let go of the wheel so to speak for a bit to let your experiences guide you. “Let go and Let God”. The universe always has your back, but the 5 energy will help you to allow your life to expand to where everything you have been doing begin to have a life of their own. This is the year to focus on fun and spontaneity. Take a break so you can gain a new perspective and realign with the greater good. Being in a 9 collective year, you may feel like you are being pulled along in some way. The collective energy will be pulling you to be your best and reach your highest potential. Have fun, be open to changes and this can be an amazing personal year! A shadow aspect that may arise in is the need to cling to the past or push through to the future.   Remember to relax and breathe. The universe has your best interest at heart. Do you?

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 5 personal year cycle: What can I let go of in my mind, body, spirt, and life that supports me in peace and having more fun?)

6 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 6 may find it important to focus on nurturing both him/herself first as well as the creations, relationships, and projects that are evolving in their life. You may feel guided to reach out for help. Keep your heart open to receive the help and nurturing that you, your projects and desires need at this time and cycle. Again the 9 energy of the collective year will keep ringing and chiming in reminding you to stay on purpose and keep moving forward as your positive efforts help the collective. Allowing yourself to receive will help you stay and get deeper into your path and purpose.   This will also be the cycle where physical evidence of the efforts you have been cultivating begins to show substantial evidence of growth. Remember that you are always abundantly provided for when you are living and serving a purpose that resonates with your heart and soul. A shadow side of the 6 energy could be either trying to take care of everyone else or clinging to something or someone strongly. Often times it is rooted in not feeling worthy or safe. Find the help of a daily practice that supports you in the art of letting go so you can be your own best friend first.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 6 personal year cycle: What does my heart say and desire right now?)

7 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 7 is on a journey continuing forward to better themselves, their community or the larger collective. This is a year of consistency and staying the course you have been building. You may find this year as reflective in some aspects as well as a time when lessons learned and wisdom come into your awareness. In this cycle you may also find yourself drawn to document your wisdom and experiences in some way that benefits others. This is a time of potential spiritual awakenings and maturing. One shadow aspect of self that may arise in the 7 energy is the urge to escape or get out of touch with some part of your life. If this comes up for you remember to do activities that help you stay grounded and connected with your daily life and/or self and keep a balance.

(A general question you may ask yourself in a 7 personal year cycle: What lessons have I learned that I can bring to my life journey now or share?)

8 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle an 8 will be in a cycle of harvesting abundance in any one or all areas of your life. This will likely be a busy year of getting done as much as possible because so many opportunities are opening up to reap rewards from the efforts you have put in through these many years before. The 9 collective energy will be a great support to the eight in focusing on serving a higher purpose as long as the 8 doesn’t get too much on their plate. A potential shadow side in the eight cycle energy is you may start getting too much on your plate and out of balance.  Remember that even in a busy time you can always find time to come back to the moment of what is most important.

(A general question you may ask yourself in an 8 personal year cycle: What am I grateful for?)

9 personal year cycle: In a 9 collective year cycle a 9 will likely to be hyper focused on getting/staying on purpose, helping others and serving a higher purpose. When you are lined up like this with multiple 9s this is like a vortex of focused energy and will be a year of synchronicity and harvest of abundance (could take a plethora of different forms). Your life will be very in tune with the collective energies which will support you back powerfully in helping yourself and others. Closures and completions are destined to happen as well as new doors beginning to show themselves and pop open. A potential shadow side is that you may get so focused externally that you forget who you are and what you need physically, creatively, emotionally. Remember to take care of yourself too and be honest with yourself and what you need. The 9 energy tends to not think about itself at all (mother Theresa was a 9 life path) or can get overly analytical.

(A general question you may ask yourself in an 9 personal year cycle: How can I serve a higher more meaningful purpose?  or possibly How can I give?)

I would love to get your questions and feedback.  Post your questions regarding this article to my blog comments and I will get back to you!

Inspired Writing 11-21-15

A Letter to the Fear and Negativity All Around:

Oh dear fear and negativity,
I no longer choose to banish you and rid you from my life. Instead, I choose to embrace you so I may understand why you are there in the first place. Oh negativity…..I choose to love you. You have given me the sacred gift of contrast thus allowing me to see the choices I can and do make both consciously and unconsciously. Oh fear and negativity…..no one – no God – no angels are coming down to “save” me from you. You are simply a choice that I have learned to make. I love and respect you for the purpose you serve and choose to dialog with you every time you show up at my door. I understand you are simply part of the buffet of life’s selections. Some selections sweet and some bitter. All is well and what a gift it is to have a choice.

Inspired Writing 11-12-15

Blessings to the Love of all
For with it one can never fall
From the heights on pinions fly
To and fro with joy on high
Tis the love through all the ages
That releases those imprisoned in cages
Of societies old tyrannies that we all carry
To some degree in our bodies to marry
With the wholeness that fills hearts of all races
Can we release the clinging to past sages
And from this new day be open to our own wise praises
Which connect us all who have stepped into infinite mazes
Of creative adventures waiting in the gazes of our imagination run wild

Inspired Writing 10-29-15

Grateful hearts rewarded
Through time and space recorded

No matter what presents in blunder
Is an opportunity for wonder

This world teaches through contrast
So that we can learn to broadcast

That which rings true in being
An open vessel in seeing

Life’s grand adventures for feasting
Touch at the soul of each heart beating

Leaving all experiences as loving teachers
To explore the universe at our fingers

Inspired Writing 10-27-15

Holograms of old pain reflecting in the atmosphere of this physical body.
Location in time and space unknown.
Feelings of insecurity boiling up from past places of humanity
Show up in this body as though one with everything
That I have known and not known
Everything that goes back hundreds of years before this physical time
Why is it still hanging on?
How can I love and embrace humanities sorries as experienced through me?

Today I choose to feel deep
Beyond the shadows of intellectual stimulation
Into the cavern of facing fears unknown
False evidences reflected in the daily grind
Which hold me prisoner from seeing the joy of my light and life

Today I choose to stare into the cataclysm of humanity
Knowing that I may not understand all its reasons
For being so harsh and afraid

Today I choose to look into the face of fear
Knowing that I get to choose to live it out or create a blazing trail of light through its darkness
My light calls me to the surface of its inevitable glory
No more chasing shadows but facing shadows and blazing through with the strength from galaxies unknown.

Today is a day to face that which weighs this spirit down
Look it straight into its eyes
Decide through what lense I see
The lense of lack and powerlessness?
The lense of empowerment and choice?

Maybe that thing that weighs this spirit down that lurks in the shadows of this experience
Is nothing but the greatest gift from the One
Could it be that fear is nothing more than the Creator’s way of reminding
That its not in whats out there but whats in here that makes the final experience real
Maybe its what is inside that is the only place that can create authentic life experiences
And the rest is but an illusion played out through a distorted lense

I choose the laser lense of life
The lense that can see through the fog and to what is and as it is
The lense that distorts not and clarifies the situation at had
From this lense nothing can allude.
It distorts not around fear but focuses in with clarity.
All is but love and a gift from All That Is.