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Messages From the Angels 2-18-15

Hello Friends!  I have been doing morning journal dialogs with my angels and inner being for a while now and this morning felt inspired to share this message on my website and Facebook.  I also will ask for a number and today it was 633……

Gods grace is upon you child.  Fear not of this world as you are not of this world, but are of the Infinite.  The fears and insecurities are but fragments of your human mind and experience.  They don’t last out of the human & you only take the experiences with you to learn from.  You are safe in everything you do and the grace of the creator surrounds you and your human form so that you  may move through the old fears and into your destiny.  Blessings abound all around you.  Listen, trust, step forward one step at a time.  You are exactly where you need to be right now and each step will unfold naturally.  Be present with your heart and nurture your body, however remember that all of your body is but a fragment of human.  Your energy field is one with your creator and your body is animated by an energy field.  Every piece of information, Love, connection, guidance, healing will be given and is within your “God” field now.  Breath…..Peace to you always.  We….your angels are always here for you.

Inspired Message of the Day 2-16-15

Today….. Gratitude speaks to me everywhere I gaze.  Jumping out through the haze of the pages and windows of everywhere I look to remind me how blessed I am and feel inside.  I stand here in this cycle of rest and rejuvenation observing the fruit of years of life’s challenges transformed into golden waves of love and wisdom which have left nothing but crystal peaks of gratitude in my heart and life for every experience easy or tough. The tough have been my greatest teachers and heart openers of which have made me the person I am today and this moment.  My heart gushes with gratitude for being cracked open and continuing to crack open more as I step into uncharted territories. I thank and love my soul for being courageous and vulnerable enough to continue to open into the unknown. I thank and love each one of you that has crossed my path for meeting me halfway on the journey to love, grow, and heal one another through being our true, authentic expressions of the Creators Love. May our days and coming weeks be filled with surprises of love, spontaneity, fun at every turn and the veils of illusions lifted so we may see each and every moment through the eyes of Love.

Crystalline Light Expo – 3-21-15

great_icosahedronJoin myself and many others at the Crystalline Light Expo this March 2015 in Knoxville, TN
Date:  March 21, 2015
Time:  9:30am to 5:30pm
Place:  Rothchild Catering and Convention Center, 8807 Kingston Pike
Details:  I will be available for readings and will also be doing a free lecture at this venue.  Check out the crystalline light expo website for all the details: http://crystallinelightexpo.yolasite.com

Connecting With Your Angels Event – 2-7-15

Angel Pic Time: 3-5pm Saturday, February 7th
  Place:  Oasis Institue – Bearden Area Knoxville, TN
  Description:  Join Michael for an afternoon of connecting with your angels. This event is planned to consist of the following:  1) Introduction & short talk on connecting with the angels.  2) Guided empowering & healing meditation(s).  3) Majority of the event will be for sharing timely messages from our heavenly helpers with the attendees. 4) Michael will also have time available to answer questions.  RSVP Appreciated

–  Follow Link To Download detailed Flyer: http://goo.gl/7oCGtV

The Create Your Life Conference – 12-13-14

RainbowHeart Time: 2-5pm Saturday, December 13th
 Place:  Holiday Inn – Cedar Bluff Knoxville
 Description:  Join Katie VanZeeland & Michael Lott for an exploration in creating your most authentic and whole-hearted life. They are excited to share experiences both from their own lives as well as channeling inspired messages across the veil. Both will be available for readings after main event.  RSVP – Appreciated

–  Follow Link To Download detailed Flyer:  http://goo.gl/Un4yNe